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Juice Programmes


“I just want to say I thoroughly enjoyed my 9 days with Nosh.  The food was delicious and varied and I was surprised that during this time I didn’t crave a single food item. I feel notably better and definitely trimmer as a result of this experience. I would happily recommend Nosh to anyone in need of a detox or to lose weight.”   A Wagner

What Do We Do?

We deliver blended fruits, vegetable & superfoods to your door as a complete cleanse and juice fast within 48 hours of your order.  Usually.  Our delivery region is: – 5 days a week in London – 2 days a week outside of London – 3 days a week outside of the UK

How Was Juice Fasting Created in the UK?

In 2007 while I was still working as a lawyer I wanted to hide ‘green stuff’ in my son’s drinks to make sure he got it down. Particularly spirulina which has a really strong smell, but is SO good for you. I didn’t like the idea of juicing and throwing away fibre. So I blended whole fruits and vegetables and found that that was a good way to ‘hide’ the taste. And he drank them right up! Then one of my clients got ill and I delivered her some bottles of his juices to get her better. She got better within days and demanded I sell them to her. She hadn’t been able to eat, so she asked me to just deliver juices to drink. I was a bit confused but did it. Then her friend asked for some. Then theirs. Then some more.

In 2008 we put it up as a product on the site and the rest is history……

Now we offer different types of hand made juice fasts but they are all: Dairy & Gluten Free Whole fruits and vegetables with all the fibre Delicious & Filling And we can customise them for you particularly if you wish.

“Great company, amazing food, fabulous customer service, just all round praise from me. I wish I could afford to eat like this all the time – I’d never cook! Utterly delicious whether its food or juices. I love Nosh Detox and so does my body.” Polly B.