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Nosh Alkalise Balance & Cleanse (ABC) Programme

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Product Description

Lose the Extra Flab in a Week with ABC

Some people jokingly claim that they are not overweight, just ‘undertall’. While your chance of increasing your height is slim pickins, the probability of reducing your weight is pretty high!

This programme will help you to Alkalise, Balance and Cleanse your entire body system.

Heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, gout, gallbladder disease, sleep apnoea…and the list of overweight and obesity related health problems continues. Most of you might be aware of these health problems, but do you have the time to keep them at bay?

Diet should not mean giving up on food since this will deprive your body of essential nutrients. A balanced diet comprising fruits, fresh green vegetables and meats is very essential.

The 6-day diet plan is based on the Viva Mayr diet. This diet plan was developed by Dr. Harald Stossier from Dr. Franz Mayr’s medical spa cure. The Viva Mayr dietary plan aims to improve the overall health and beauty of individuals along with their digestive systems.

– Say goodbye to your potbelly in 6 days
– Receive relief from frequent weight fluctuation as well as:
– No hunger pangs
– Intake of highly nutritious food
– A balanced diet leads to healed digestive system and stronger immune system

Sample 7 Day ABC Programme:

Days 1-3
For the first 3 days, the programme will involve liquids (juices, smoothies & soups) throughout the day and a balanced meal in the evening.

Sample Menu:
Breakfast Smoothie – Oats, banana, almond milk
Mid-morning – Superfood Smoothie
Lunch – Roasted Mediterranean vegetables and lentil soup
Mid-afternoon – Protein-rich snack
Dinner – Pea and Mint risotto with fresh watercress.

Days 4 – 7
The last 4 days are designed to heal and rejuvenate your body. Raw food till 4pm and a balanced meal in the evening.

Sample Menu:
Breakfast – Raw porridge with fresh fruit Mid-morning – Superfood Smoothie
Lunch – Raw salad full of vitamins & minerals
Mid-afternoon snack – Raw nuts and Omega 3 and 6 seed mix
Dinner – Chicken cassoulet and mixed greens.


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