Kill Cravings, Heal your Gut with our Fat, Sugar & Yeast Free Diet Programme

Sugar Cravings? Binge Eating?
Clean up your system and clean-up your cravings.
A Unique, award winning 4 week diet delivered to your door.
Each week is specifically tailored to remove all sugar and yeast, slowly and systematically from your entire system.

Our Unique Fat, Sugar & Yeast Free Programme includes:
3 meals
2 snacks
All nutritional support supplements

Anti-Cravings Supplement Box (two types) -

Weeks 1 & 2
Pau D’Arco,
Candida Albicans,
Oregano Complex.

Weeks 3 & 4
Acerola Cherry Powder (vitamin C),
Vitamin B Complex,
Camomile Tea.

CASE STUDY - Marise Haefner
1. How did you find out you suffered from a yeast overgrowth, was it through an NHS test? Yes in 1992.
2. What were the symptoms? Itchiness and fatigue.
3. Did you try any over the counter medication before coming to Nosh? Yes, everything the pharmacy could offer.
4. How successful was it for you? Some gave temporary relief but others just expensive experiments.
5. How did it make you feel? Irritated at not being able to get rid of it completely.
6. What was the treatment programme Nosh suggested? Yeast and sugar free detox for 1 month.
7. Did you find you had any side effects from the programme? Irritable in the first week as I had no carbs and couldn't eat my 1 swiss chocolate truffle and cup of tea with condensed milk (my daily sweet fix).
8. What happened when you had to travel? I still followed the guidelines nosh gave me. had Skype call with Nosh where I could ask questions.
9. Did you get adequate support from Nosh or did you find it hard? I would SMS questions and get quick answers especially when planning a meal.
10. Was the Programme easy to follow and was the Supplement Box easy to use? Yes. Instructions on tins as well as an A4 in box
11. Did the Programme relieve you of the symptoms that you were suffering from? Yes, completely within 4 weeks.
12. How successful was the programme in your opinion? Very. I lost 5kg too.
13. Would you do another Detox from the Nosh Detox Delivery range? Absolutely.
14. Would you recommend the company and the programme which you did to anyone else? Definitely
15. Anything else you want to say/add? Why did I accept this as a condition to get used to instead of approaching it in a multi-pronged way like Nosh did. All healthcare providers I saw had a different explanation which made sense at the time, but sounds ridiculous now!

Nutritional Consultation

Eat Better, Feel Better, Look Better. Discuss your health issues, create a personalised diet plan, develop new rituals and eating habits. The natural way to address your health issues, a consultation with our in house Natural Nutritionist (Candice Van Eeden). Candice can help create a Bespoke Nutritional Plan to reach your health goals.

Food Allergy Screen (IgE)

This test provides a powerful tool for the detection of adverse reaction to food and additives. Have your blood sample taken from our Harley Street Lab (London) and processed by our Natural Nutritionist. Receive your official results, and an interpretation of your results from us.