Nutritious Food Programme

We guarantee our meals will be nutritionally complete.

That means that for as long as you want, you don't have to go near a supermarket, a recipe book or a take-away restaurant.

No backsliding, no temptation, no problems – all the gain without the pain.

Please note that programme options shown below are programme prices only. Delivery charges are based on the delivery postcode/area and are calculated in the shopping cart.

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All fresh, Dairy and Gluten free meals bursting with vitamins and minerals - delivered to your door.

Our food is seasonal and fresh with new menus daily. We don't rotate menus or buy bulk food.

Our chefs visit the market every day our kitchens are open to buy fresh, seasonal food which we then cook with fresh herbs and spices to create personalised menus.

Health Risk Profile

If you feel your nervous, hormone or immune system is out of balance this test is for you. It can help with hormone regulation, inflammation reduction, optimal functioning of the nervous and immune systems, normal development and growth of cells, bones and teeth. This test will also check for Diabetes.


NOSH 7 Day Post-Detox Food Programme eBook

A unique slice of Nosh taken and presented for you in a digital download - available now. Try this before a detox, after a detox or just to try a progamme at home.


NOSH Boost & Energise Superfood Box

Nosh has created a unique blend of Activators, Vitamins, Superfoods, Amino Acids and Antioxidants. Together they combine perfectly to boost your immune system and energy, enhance mental acuity, while ensuring you feel great throughout your day

Nosh eCook Book

Lose 3 to 4 pounds each and every week! This is a gluten free, dairy free cookbook – guaranteed to help you to Detox and Lose Weight painlessly, effortlessly and easily.


Nutritional Consultation

Eat Better, Feel Better, Look Better. Discuss your health issues, create a personalised diet plan, develop new rituals and eating habits. The natural way to address your health issues, a consultation with our in house Natural Nutritionist (Candice Van Eeden). Candice can help create a Bespoke Nutritional Plan to reach your health goals.